Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Friday, March 5, 2010

A short letter to Congress- Obamacare

Dear Congress,

Please withdraw your support for Obamacare. It is wrong for America and the majority of Americans know it and we have made our voices heard. Unfortunately, our cries to stop this nonsense has fallen on deaf ears.

Please allow me try to articulate in a few words why Obamacare is being rejected by the majority of Americans:

1. It is too costly- 6 years of benefits for 10 years of revenue. After that it adds yearly to the deficit.

2. It is an unconstitutional (in my opinion)power grab by the government. It puts another 16% of the economy and 100% of Americans under the healthcare control of a goverment that is already bloated to a size incomprehensible to our Founding Fathers.

3. Nobody really knows everything that is in this monstrosity of a Bill. We do know that it contains hundreds of add-ons that would never be able to pass on their own, but you already know that.

What is needed is a "start over" or to just quit until cooler, more reasonable heads prevail in Washington. I'm hopeful that this process will begin in November 2010.


Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA

Friday, January 22, 2010

An Open Letter to President Obama, Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Dear President Obama, Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Speaker Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

I was hoping that the recent Senatorial special election in Massachusetts to fill "Senator Kennedy's seat" would serve as a wake up call to our President and to all members of Congress. Unfortunately, it seems like you are more interested in your constituents agreeing with you, than listening to your constituents.

President Obama and most Democrats in Washington have been "dismissive, even derisive" of the Tea Party movement, FOX News, and the voters. I think it's time to confess to the voters that what you've been doing is wrong. It's time to start listening to what the folks that put you in Washington are saying.

Here are some suggestions;

1. Leave medical insurance issues up to the States with the exception of Medicare. Leave Medicare where it is and do something about the massive waste, fraud, and abuse that President Obama says exists within the Medicare. You don't need to pass any legislation to do your job!

2. Focus on the economy and stop bankrupting our grandchildren even before they're born! Reduce spending, and cut taxes and let the free market system work.

3. Reduce the size of the Federal Government! The role of the Federal Government should be limited to National Security, Foreign relations, regulation of Wall Street, FDA, and Social Security. Deed back to the States most of the remaining services.

4. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid being served up by the climate change alarmists! Let States deal with local pollution issues. Allow the free market to dictate the sources and types of energy used in America keeping in mind that because of National Security issues we need to become energy dependent. Free market and National Security aren't mutually exclusive issues.

5. Stop prosecuting Islamic terrorists in civilian courts! Allow the CIA and the Military to interrogate and prosecute according to Military law!

In my opinion, Federal Government spending is the problem, not the solution. In other words, President Obama and the Democratic Congress need to do a 180 turn and forget about trying to make us look like France. We need to get America back to looking like America.


Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Monday, November 30, 2009

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh- Exposing the Global warming and evolution myths


I was listening to you again this morning. Thanks for finally exposing the "man caused global warming" myth! It's about time that these psuedo-scientists turned politicians were exposed for what they are... Greedy, money grabbing tools used by the far left to ultimately achieve a New World Order.

What you may not be aware of is the fact that the same "science" that has produced the "man caused global warming" myth has also produced the "flat earth theory", the "spontaneous generation" theory, the "blood-letting" theory, and over the last 150 years the "Darwinian theory of evolution".

Before you write me off as some sort of a nut let me hasten to say that no scientist worth his salt will pretend that macro-evolution or creationism can be proven in the science lab. True science demands that there not only be evidence but that the theory be testable, verifiable, and repeatable in order to be considered scientific fact. However, theories can be disproven by ruling out assumptions that are made in producing a straw-man theory.

For example, the theory of Darwinian evolution has always been based of the assumption that the building blocks of life are "simple" and that given enough "time" something called "natural selection" will eventually cause an organism to "evolve" into a more complex organism.

In recent years, and of course you won't read this in the New York Times, super microscopes have been created that are able to look inside the "cell" and much to their amazement they have found out that cells are not "simple" at all. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and each cell contains a trillion "machines". A cell that is not fully formed is dysfunctional and useless. The mathemetical chance of a cell creating itself by chance is something on the order of 10E5800... Anything on the order of 10E50 has a zero chance of occuring.

Someday, perhaps sooner than we think, someone like yourself will break the story of how the secular elite scientific community has hidden the facts regarding the evolution myth. And the world will finally know how the work of scientists that hold to a creationist view have been kicked out the the "science club" and have not been allowed to have their work published in the elite scientific journals.

Keep up the good work, Rush. If you are interested in pursuing a story regarding the true science involved in the evolution vs creation debate I'll be glad to be of any service that I can.

Rush, I wouldn't care so much about this story except that I think Darwinism has had a serious impact on world events including the rise of eugenics at the hand of dictators like Hitler, and organizations like Planned (un)Parenthood. It has also led to same sex "marriage" and organizations like NAMBLA. It has even affected how we interpret the Constitution and how the Courts rule on cases like Roe v Wade.

Best Regards,

Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA

Friday, October 30, 2009

Open Letter to Congressman Jerry Lewis

Dear Congressman Lewis,

I share your deep concerns about the health care bill which is scheduled to be voted on next week. My question is, why haven't you and other like-minded representatives formed a caucus opposing this bill and why aren't you having press releases that are informing the American people what is happening in Washington?

The only news organization that I see that is taking any interest in the true story about the health care bill is FOX News.

I've been watching the process and educating myself and others on what is in this bill and it is my opinion that this is the worst bill to come down the pike in the 50 years that I've been following politics.

I'm convinced that this is more about "fundamentally changing America" (as our President has promised) and less about health care. This is change we don't need, and change we don't want!

But, if I'm wrong, then the health care bill should trashed on its own lack of merit. Here are my personal objections to the bill itself:

1. It provides for taxpayer funded abortions.
2. It is unconstitutional because it forces Americans to buy or pay a fine for services that they don't need, want, or can't afford.
3. It will stifle economic growth because of the burdens that it will put on small businesses.
4. It will create another bureaucracy that America doesn't want and can't afford.
5. The cost is prohibitive and it will place a huge financial burden on our children and our grandchildren.
6. Medicare will be cut by 50 billion dollars a year and therefore will result in a huge tax on those that have already paid their fair share and can least afford to have their benefits cut.
7. The government already controls 30% of the GNP and this bill, along with Cap and Trade, will ultimately result in the government takeover of another 30%, which means that the government will control 60% of the GNP!! If this isn't socialism, then I guess I don't know the definition of "socialism".

President Obama won't level with the American people, Harry Reid won't level with the American people, and Speaker Pelosi definitely won't level with the American people...

Representative Lewis, will you and your like-minded colleagues level with the American people in a manner that is appropriate for the catastrophe that will be caused if this legislation is passed? When you do this there will be those that will whine that you're playing partisan politics, but don't worry about that, please just do the right thing.

Representative Lewis, I'm not just "following politics" anymore, I want to do something about what is happening to America. What can I do to help?


Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Senator Boxer's Clean Energy Bill- A response

Dear Senator Boxer,

I agree, it is "time to get serious" and to stop with the destructive politics that is pervasive in Washington today!

With all due respect, you and Senator Kerry couldn't be more wrong about the need for a "climate change" Bill. I've done my own research on this issue and have come to the conclusion that anthropologically caused emissions of CO2 has a virtually zero effect on our climate.

I don't want to judge you and Senator Kerry unfairly, but, I think you both know that we have actually been in a global cooling phase which ironically began around the time that Al Gore published his book that proclaims that man is warming the planet by his irresponsible use of "fossil fuels". No doubt, this is why we're talking about "climate change" instead of "global warming". Pardon me, but just how stupid do you think your constituents are?

More importantly, your assertion that reducing the use of "fossil fuels" and the development of alternative energy sources will boost the economy is absolutely absurd. As a matter of fact, of all of the legislation being discussed in Washington Cap and Trade is by far the most potentially damaging to our economy. To use the words of President Obama, "With Cap and Trade the price of electricity will skyrocket." I don't always agree with the President, but he hit the nail on the head on this one.

Nobody is against "clean air" but everyone should be against "hot air", especially when it comes from Washington. What we need is an honest debate on how we can best achieve "clean air" and at the same time produce sufficient energy so that we are not depending on countries that don't like us very much. It has become a matter of national security for us to do it.

It can be done in a way that will not bankrupt America if we can stop with the rhetoric and get down to the serious business of honest debate.

I worked as a project engineer in the aerospace industry for many years and the message that I kept hearing from upper management is; "Don't criticize the plan unless you've got a better one." Well, I've got a "better plan". If you are interested in hearing it, I'd be glad to share it with you.


Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Dear Preston,

"It's time for America to get serious about tackling the climate change crisis. That's why, late last month, Senator Kerry and I introduced the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act — critical legislation that will put our country on the path to a clean energy future............"


Barbara Boxer U.S. Senator Chair, Environment & Public Works Committee

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Open Letter to Senator Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

I watched the rebroadcast of your appearance on CNN's State of the Union show last night. Thank you for informing me that you were going to be giving your views on this show.

I was disappointed again on your views on Afghanistan and the Health Care legislation issues. Even though you frequently dodged the questions I think you know exactly where you stand on these issues and that you know that your positions on these issues are partisan and will appeal only to the left wing of your party, and not to the majority of your constituents that you hope will vote for you next November.

I also think you will be particularly hard pressed to receive support from those of us that have become dependent on Medicare Advantage insurance. The projected cuts will make it very difficult for those on Medicare. I'll make a deal with you, though, cut the retirement and boondoggle benefits that Congress receives and I'll go along with it.

I also believe that small businesses will be forced to lay off employees, and that it is morally, and maybe constitutionally wrong to force people to buy medical insurance.

I also think you are terribly wrong on your position on "Climate Change" legislation. Cap and Trade is probably the worst thing that can be done at this time. Its impact on the economy would be devastating if the legislation under consideration is passed. We need to reduce our independence on foreign oil by exploring for and using ALL the domestic resources that we have at our disposal. Especially in the areas of oil, coal, and gas. And we need to expand the use of solar, wind, and geothermal generators of electricity as well.

Battery technology development is an area that can result in big dividends and the development of geo-thermal technology as a means of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer provides a very promising means of generating cheap heating and cooling. Please educate yourself on these technologies.

Please allow me to say a couple more things about Afghanistan. My son went to Iraq in 2007 as part of the surge and is back there this year for another tour. His job there is to train Iraqi National Police so that they will eventually be able to provide sufficient security for their country. He knows first hand the positive impact the surge has had on the war on terror in Iraq. I believe that Gen. Petraeus, Gen. McChrystal, and Adm. Mullen are the people to be looking to for guidance.

With all due respect, neither you, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, or Vice President Biden are qualified to decide what should be done in Afghanistan, assuming that you still want to win over there.

However, if you want to lose, I'm sure that between the four of you that you could easily find a way to do just that. But, for the sake of the mission (that you voted for), our troops, and the security of Afghanistan and America please listen to our Commanders on the ground and don't use Afghanistan as a political football. America doesn't want another Vietnam.

Thanks for listening,

Preston Osborne
Cherry Valley, CA 92223